Tone of Voice Guidelines & Visual identity Vision

The NKU brand is more than a name or logo.

The NKU brand becomes stronger when people know what we stand for and how we fit into their lives.

The NKU brand is everything we do and everything we say.

These guidelines were created to help us get the word out.


Brand Positioning >

Strong brands are rooted in a strong brand positioning strategy.

Brand positioning is the "big idea" at the heart of the NKU brand. It defines who we are, unites our messages, and influences all aspects of our culture - from design creation to the way HR writes job descriptions and recruits.

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Messaging Platform >

A messaging platform identifies key themes, ideas, words, and phrases we can use when crafting our written and verbal communications.

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Tone Of Voice >

If messaging is what we say...
tone of voice is how we say it.

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Visual Identity >

This is our face to the outside world - how we use our logo, our light path, our type styles, and other visual cues to express our message and personality.

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Photography Principles >

We use photography to help tell the story of NKU.

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